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Restore Kodi (or SPMC) to Factory State on the Xiaomi Mi Box


Played around with your Xiaomi Mi Box a little bit too hard and want to return Kodi to factory state? If for any reason you wish to erase your Kodi configuration on the Xiaomi Mi Box and start fresh, it can be done easily directly through the device settings. This process will erase all your Kodi addons and any customizations you’ve made, but will keep the actual Kodi application installed. This way, next time you run Kodi, it’ll be just as it was when you first installed it.

This will wipe your Kodi configuration clean, so any problems you’ve been encountering with Kodi on the Xiaomi Mi Box will also be wiped away. Once you reconfigure, you’ll want to avoid reinstalling any problematic Kodi addons that caused you trouble in the past. Whether or not you have encountered problems in the past, Kodi should work great on your Xiaomi Mi Box moving forward.

Required: Kodi (or SPMC) on the Xiaomi Mi Box

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings cogwheel icon at the bottom of your Xiaomi Mi Box launcher.

Step 2: Click on the Apps button.

Step 3: Select the Kodi (or SPMC) app.

Step 4: Click on the Clear data function.

Step 5: Click on the OK button to proceed.

Step 6: You’re done! Return to your Xiaomi Mi Box launcher.

Now that Kodi has been returned to factory state, you’ll want to readd the Fusion Installer source, as well as our Indigo tool which will jumpstart your Kodi addon experience. Enjoy Kodi (or SPMC) on your Xiaomi Mi Box!

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