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Installing the USTVnow Plus Kodi Addon (16.1 Jarvis or Below)


USTVnow Plus is by far the most reliable live TV addon ever created for Kodi. This addon is powered by the legally operating USTVnow service, which is meant to provide Americans living overseas with free access to the major US television networks. Since USTVnow is a licensed streaming operator, they are able to provide the type of high quality reliable live TV streams that you would expect from any major broadcaster. This must-have Kodi addon is probably the most underrated Kodi addon that exists.

USTVnow Plus provides free access to ABC, CBS, CW, My9, NBC and PBS anyone. All you need to do is register for free at their web site. It works anywhere in the world, and they don’t actually verify that you are in fact American at registration, although this service is intended for use by Americans expats only. If you’re looking for premium American cable channels, they also offer a full package paid service. Once again, USTVnow Plus is a must-have addon!

Required: Indigo Tool on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis or Below

Step 1: Navigate to the PROGRAMS menu.

Step 2: Launch the Indigo tool.

Step 3: Choose the Addon Installer menu.

Step 4: Select the Featured Addons category.

Step 5: Select the USTVnow Plus addon for Kodi.

Step 6: Click on the Install USTVnow Plus function.

Step 7: Click on the Install button to proceed with the USTVnow Plus addon installation.

Step 8: Wait a few seconds for the USTVnow Plus Kodi addon to download.

Step 9: Press the OK button and return to your Kodi home screen.

Step 10: Navigate to the Add-ons tab under the VIDEOS menu.

Step 11: Launch the USTVnow Plus addon.

Step 12: Press the OK button after you’ve registered at the USTVnow web site.

Please Note: Registration must be done using your email address, not social media login options!

Step 13: Input your USTVnow login email and then press the Done button.

Step 14: Input your USTVnow password and then press the Done button.

Step 15: Click on the OK button to begin using the USTVnow Plus addon for Kodi.

Step 16: You’re done! Enjoy reliable, high quality, legal American live TV streaming for Kodi.

If you enjoy their free service, you might want to take a look at their paid service too, it offers all the American premium cable channels, at even higher quality than the free version. USTVnow Plus is certainly well worth your while.

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