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Manually Uninstalling Kodi Addons (16.1 Jarvis or Below)


You can easily remove add-ons from Kodi which you don’t use, or add-ons which might be problematic from your Kodi configuration, in fact it takes less than ten seconds to do.

It’s always a good idea to uninstall addons that you aren’t using. They take up space on your device, and the more addons you have installed, the slower Kodi will perform.

Required: Kodi 16.1 Jarvis or Below

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings tab under the SYSTEM menu.

Step 2: Select the Add-ons tab from the vertical menu bar.

Step 3: Choose the My add-ons option.

Step 4: Select the Video add-ons category, or whichever other category you wish.

Step 5: Choose on the Kodi addon you wish to remove.

Step 6: Click on the Uninstall button.

Step 7: Press the Yes button to confirm.

Step 8: You’re done, it’s gone!

See how easy that was? Some people literally install dozens of Kodi addons, many of which they never use under any circumstances. They take up more and more space each time they update, and often degrade performance, depending on how many are installed.

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