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Restore Kodi (or SPMC) to Factory State on the NVIDIA Shield TV


If you’ve been using your NVIDIA Shield TV for quite some time and feel like starting off fresh with Kodi, you don’t have to factory restore your entire device. It is very easy to simply wipe your Kodi configuration and start off clean and new again. The NVIDIA Shield TV offers a simple function that will erase Kodi data, so next time you launch Kodi it’ll look just like the first time all over again.

Once you erase your Kodi data from the NVIDIA Shield TV, you will lose all addons and all changes you’ve made to the default Kodi setup. This is a good idea for people who are encountering weird problems, or have way too many addons installed and simply want to start off fresh again. Since Kodi is open source, and updates come from all over the place regularly, a fresh Kodi configuration could be a very good thing.

Step 1: Navigate to the Settings button at the bottom of the NVIDIA Shield TV launcher.

Step 2: Select the Apps tab.

Step 3: Click on the Kodi (or SPMC) app.

Step 4: Click on the Clear data function.

Step 5: Click on the OK button to proceed.

Step 6: You’re done! Return to your NVIDIA Shield TV launcher.

Once you relaunch Kodi, you’ll find it has been returned to virgin state. It is now ready to reconfigure as you feel fit. Just remember that too many Kodi addons is never a good thing, less is always more when it comes to performance.

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