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Stream All The Sources Kodi Addon Cheat Sheet (16.1 Jarvis or Below)


Stream All The Sources, or SALTS for short, is currently one of the most popular multi-scraper Kodi addons, and is developed by tknorris, the man behind the popular 1Channel addon for Kodi.

Although its use is fairly straight forward, there are actually a lot of hidden features. Many of you will probably enjoy taking advantage of these Kodi tips in order to make the most out of your SALTS experience on Kodi.

Required: Stream All The Sources Addon on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis or Below

  • Learn everything about SALTS for Kodi from the SALTS Wiki (answers to most questions and add-on settings explanations)
  • Install Addon Theme: Add-on Settings -> General -> Run Select this item to install the SALTS Themepak (icons and colours)
  • Switch the Source Selection Method: Add-on Settings -> Source Management -> Set Source Selection Method to Directory (this is so the source isn’t rescraped each time playback stops, it doesn’t allow for creating library directories)
  • Export/Import Addon Data: Add-on Settings -> Database -> Run Export data from SALTS DB or Import data from SALTS DB (save yourself from database corruption)
  • Playing from Library Freezing: Add-on Settings -> Source Management -> Disable Show Custom Progress Dialog from Library (disabled by default, enabled by some “builds”)
  • Lots of “Database is locked” Errors in Log: Add-on Settings -> Database -> Lower Machine Speed (improves performance on slower machines by avoiding database locks, version 2.0.31 or later)

SALTS and Trakt

  • Synchronize Resume Points Across Devices: Add-on Settings -> Trakt.tv -> Enable Use Trakt Bookmarks (use another device to pick up where you left off)
  • Liked Lists: Find any list you’ve liked on Trakt (duh)
  • Add Lists from Other Trakt Users: Other Lists -> Run Add another user’s list (add the list to the top menu for quick access via the context menu)
  • Change Sorting Order of a list: Click on the Green Pencil Icon on https://trakt.tv/users/me/lists to set the default sorting order for each list (must be logged on to access this page)
  • Trakt API Down/Slow: Add-on Settings -> Trakt.tv -> Enable Trakt API Offline Mode (uses cached listings, don’t forget to disable it once it’s working again)
  • Watch It Again: Make a list of shows you’ve already watched but want to rewatch randomly from time to time, then associate it with this function the first time it’s used (choose to display episodes as Recently Watched, Least Watched, or Most Watched)
  • Hide Shows from My Next Episode or My Calendar: Hide them on the Progress page or Calendar on Trakt
  • Episodes Wrongly Excluded from My Next Episodes: Context Menu -> Select Include in My Next Episodes over the TV Show in SALTS

By now you should be on your way to being a SALTS expert, maybe you’ll even know enough to come help some of your peers out over at our discussion forums. All joking aside, tknorris works very hard to maintain this addon for your enjoyment, try to think of his and other developers’ selfless efforts when you use this and other addons.

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