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Installing the Navi-X Addon for Kodi (16.1 Jarvis or Below)


Navi-X is probably the oldest Kodi addon in existence. It allows anyone from around the world to create their own streaming playlist, from links they’ve submitted. Since it makes it easy for anyone to create a list, you’ll find content that you wouldn’t normally find elsewhere. Navi-X is a bit of a mess though, so it will definitely take some getting used to, and isn’t for the faint hearted.

You’re never sure what you’ll find in Navi-X, there’s a bit of everything from live TV to international streams, live sports, movies, TV shows, live security cameras and much more. As with any any user submitted source, your mileage may vary. Some things might load super fast, while others not at all. It is possible that the Navi-X system might be entirely revamped in the near future.

Required: Fusion Installer on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis or Below

Step 1: Navigate to the PROGRAMS menu.

Step 2: Launch the Indigo tool.

Step 3: Choose the Addon Installer menu.

Step 4: Select the Featured Addons category.

Step 5: Select the Navi-X Kodi addon.

Step 6: Click on the Install Navi-X function.

Step 7: Press the Install button to proceed with the Navi-X Kodi addon download.

Step 8: Wait a few seconds for the Navi-X addon to download to your Kodi device.

Step 9: You’re done! Press the OK button, then return to yoiur Kodi home screen.

Navi-X isn’t what it used to be, but hundreds of thousands of people still use it per day. The problem is that it’s impossible to maintain quality control when there’s that much content.

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