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Unofficial Kodi Addon Community Statistics for March 2017


We don’t really take statistics too seriously, we do what we do because we’re passionate, so numbers aren’t all that important. Once in a while we do check our stats though, and usually they’re quite impressive. We aren’t trying to gloat, but these numbers are really insane, and keep on growing. Most of our growth is likely through word of mouth, since each someone installs Kodi for the first time, they don’t stop talking about it for weeks. It makes us happy to see that are make such an impact on so many people worldwide.

One thing we will add though, is despite our popularity and all the hard work we put in, we really aren’t properly represented in the search engines. When we started this site, we respected the official Kodi team’s rules and didn’t include the word “Kodi” in our domain name. This means it’s now much more difficult for us to compete for rankings with profit seeking blogs who carelessly use the word “Kodi” in their names. Right now, if you search for most of our own addons, our web site is almost nowhere to be found.

We don’t keep statistics for individual Kodi addons because we believe it would create the type of cut throat competitive environment we prefer to avoid, it’s all about sharing and love here!

Total Unique Users for the Past Month

Total Unique Users for the Past 24 Hours

Total Bandwith Consumed in the Past Month
1 PB = 1,000,000 GB

Just in case you weren’t aware, that’s a whole lot of bandwith, and a whole lot of users. If you enjoy our site or tools, please consider making a donation by credit card or Bitcoin if you can afford it.

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Please remember that our community is supported entirely by volunteers, developers are not paid and updates made to their addons are made during their free time.