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Unofficial Kodi Addon Community Statistics for March 2017

We don't really take statistics too seriously, we do what we do because we're passionate, so numbers aren't all that important. Once in a...

Get Involved: Calling All Potential Kodi Addon Developers and Contributors

Believe it or not, both Kodi itself, and the Kodi addon community are maintained by people just like you. Once upon a time, there...

On The Subject of Addon Developers of Kodi Addons

Many developers put hundreds of hours per month into developing the add-ons that bring us endless entertainment on a daily basis, however there is...

Why Do Kodi Addons Stop Working Properly or Display Script Errors?

In case you haven't already realized, we have nothing to do with the content available through addons, so if something stops working or goes...

10 Myths About Kodi Addons That Are Absolutely False

We hear a lot of nonsense across web about Kodi, almost on a daily basis. It seemed like putting a little article together about...

Kodi Addons, Content Sources and Android TV Box Sellers Explained

It seems that many of our users are unaware as to exactly what's taking place when they boot up their Kodi device and start...