Plexus Kodi Addon Download



Author: enen92, TVAddons, RonnieHD
Version: 0.1.7
Released: 2017-05-25
Summary: SopCast and AceStream for Kodi
Repository: Addon Repository

Kodi Addon Description:

Plexus - Any complex structure containing an intricate network of parts. Plexus brings native peer-to-peer support (AceStream and SopCast) for Kodi Entertainment Center for several platforms.

Documentation: (missing)

Kodi Addon Dependencies:


Kodi Addon Changelog:

05/5/2016 - Version 0.1.7
-Shutdown acestream engine to false.

1/12/2016 - Version 0.1.6.a
-Minor dialog update

30/11/2016 - Version 0.1.6
-Added AceStream Media (Engine) and Torrent Stream Controller apks download options
-Removed obsolete Engine bundle, old AceStream Engine and Ace Player apks from add-on settings
and from plexus-dependencies modules
-Android: changed, fixed, added and cleaned code related to Android
-Updated English translations
-Added Spanish translation

18/11/2016 - Version 0.1.5
-Forked plexus-dependencies
-Updated some modules (rpi, android)
-Android: AceStream Media (Engine) app is opened instead of old Ace Player

10/2/2015 - Version 0.1.4
-transfer to TVA repo
-fix for downloading modules

19/8/2015 - Version 0.1.1 & 0.1.2 & 0.1.3
-Raspberry PI 2 fixes

19/8/2015 - Version 0.1.0 (first beta)
-Removed parsers and lists
-Added stream manager
-Added support for the Raspberry PI 2
-Fixed stop
-New translation system
-Repository moved to a new location
-Plenty of other fixes

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