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Author: enen92, TV ADDONS
Version: 0.1.4
Released: 2017-01-04
Summary: SopCast and AceStream for Kodi
Repository: Addon Repository


Plexus - Any complex structure containing an intricate network of parts. Plexus brings native peer-to-peer support (AceStream and SopCast) for Kodi Entertainment Center for several platforms.

Documentation: (missing) We hope you enjoy the Plexus Kodi Addon, from the Addon Repository Kodi repository. Remember that the Plexus Kodi Addon and other Kodi Addons are open source and provided free of charge, created for your entertainment. If you enjoyed Plexus for Kodi, be sure to show your appreciation to TV ADDONS, the developer of the Plexus Kodi Addon.




10/2/2015 Version 0.1.4
-transfer to TVA repo
-fix for downloading modules

19/8/2015 - Version 0.1.1 & 0.1.2 & 0.1.3
-Raspberry PI 2 fixes

19/8/2015 - Version 0.1.0 (first beta)
-Removed parsers and lists
-Added stream manager
-Added support for the Raspberry PI 2
-Fixed stop
-New translation system
-Repository moved to a new location
-Plenty of other fixes

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