Icefilms Kodi Addon Download



Author: Eldorado
Version: 1.99.71
Updated: 2017-05-26
Summary: Stream and download scene releases from the links listed on
Repository: Eldorado's XBMC Addons

Kodi Addon Description:

Visit for support. Turns your XBMC into an instant free on-demand media-center. Stream and download to your library DVD and HD720p quality videos. Browse and search the library of over 77,000 videos with metadata and posters. Never experience the frustration of dead video links!

Kodi Addon Dependencies:


Kodi Addon Changelog:

[B]v1.27.0 (Friday, 16 September 2016):[/B]
- Fixed ClicknUpload - will only work on Krypton

[B]v1.26.0 (Monday, 12 September 2016):[/B]
- Fixed - now uses https which may not work on Andriod platforms running anything less than Krypton
- ClicknUpload now requires Krypton, they have updated their ssl which Jarvis and earlier do not support
- General fixes for Krypton

[B]v1.25.0 (Thursday, 18 August 2016):[/B]
- Fixed UploadX
- Fixed error with unsupported hosts with RD enabled

[B]v1.24.0 (Saturday, 14 May 2016):[/B]
- Fixed ClicknUpload resolver
- Fixed UploadX resolver
- Fixed TV Show & Movie list script errors

[B]v1.23.0 (Wednesday, 27 January 2016):[/B]
- Updated Real-Debrid client to use Icefilms own (should have no affects)
- Rolled back changes to HugeFiles to 1.18.0 version, working again

[B]v1.22.0 (Wednesday, 20 January 2016):[/B]
- Added KingFiles resolver
- Updated Real-Debrid resolver to use new api

[B]v1.21.0 (Monday, 11 January 2016):[/B]
- Fixed encoding error

[B]v1.20.0 (Wednesday, 23 December 2015):[/B]
- Added UploadX resolver

[B]v1.19.0 (Friday, 19 December 2015):[/B]
- Fixed HugeFiles resolver
- Fixed resolver

[B]v1.18.0 (Tuesday, 24 November 2015):[/B]
- Fixed HugeFiles resolver

[B]v1.17.0 (Tuesday, 24 November 2015):[/B]
- Fixed small bug with Recently Added lists
- Fixed ClicknUpload resolver
- Added new resolver
- Added indicators for hosts that Real-Debrid supports, shown by a yellow *RD next to the host name
- Temporarily removed the main screen Recently Added, Latest Releases, Watching Now sections, don't worry they will be back very soon

[B]v1.16.0 (Monday, 19 October 2015):[/B]
- Adjusted resume support, hopefully makes the resume more fluid
- Added Recently Watched support, enable/disable in the addon settings
- Added Watch Queue support, similar to Netflix, queue items to watch later, when you finish watching they are removed from the list
- Fixed 180Upload resolver issue when the captcha is needed
- Fixed HD and DVD tags not correctly showing

[B]v1.15.0 (Tuesday, 06 October 2015):[/B]
- Added resume support
- Fixed HugeFile resolver
- Fixed issue (hopefully) with occasional error (_getitem_) when loading list of sources

[B]v1.14.0(Friday, 02 October 2015):[/B]
- Small fix to catch and bypass errors encountered with ad's

[B]v1.13.0(Friday, 25 September 2015):[/B]
- Fixed ClicknUpload resolver
- Fixed 180Uploads resolver
- Small bug fix in tv show episodes listing

[B]v1.12.0(Friday, 11 September 2015):[/B]
- Small update to help fix Ice Ads

[B]v1.11.0(Tuesday, 8 September 2015):[/B]
- Fixed syntax error with MySQL table creation
- Added referrer when grabbing Icefilms ads to ensure impressions are hit

[B]v1.10.0(Wednesday, 2 September 2015):[/B]
- Fixed final source link scraping
- Added test for Icefilms advertisements - this displays a quick ad from the Icefilms site to support them, this is testing how the system works, will be changed as we progress

[B]v1.9.1(Monday, 24 August 2015):[/B]
- Again fixed issue with getting final source link, Icefilms site keeps changing

[B]v1.9.0(Friday, 21 August 2015):[/B]
- Fixed issue with no hosts working, Icefilms site had changed

[B]v1.8.7(Wednesday, 8 July 2015):[/B]
- Fixed downloads with various resolvers, should now save to proper filename
- Fixed small bug with mysql syntax

[B]v1.8.6(Friday, 19 June 2015):[/B]
- Fixed Resolvers:
- MightyUpload
- Added Resolvers:
- 24Uploading
- XVidStage

[B]v1.8.5(Monday, 15 June 2015):[/B]
- Fixed Resolvers:
- TusFiles
- ClicknUpload
- 180Uploads
- VidPlay

[B]v1.8.4(Wednesday, 15 April 2015):[/B]
- Changed Favourites to sort properly - ignore 'The', 'A' etc.
- Fixed 180Upload
- Fixed HugeFiles
- New Resolvers:
- TusFiles
- XFileLoad
- ClicknUpload
- MightyUpload

[B]v1.8.3(Monday, 23 February 2015):[/B]
- Fixed Favourites migration issue duplicating favourite entries

[B]v1.8.2(Friday, 20 February 2015):[/B]
- Fixed HugeFiles captcha problems
- Converted Favourites to SQL database

[B]v1.8.1(Tuesday, 10 February 2015):[/B]
- Fixed yet another issue with favourites, was failing to create sub-folders on some systems
- Small code cleanups from new changes

[B]v1.8.0(Monday, 09 February 2015):[/B]
- Fixed (hopefully) all issues with favourites
- Added new Icefilms own cache DB
- Currently only allows for web page caching, this will help speed up navigation
- Future will move favourites to the cache DB, as well as include resume support
- Includes MySQL database support
- Reworked code for fetching sources, should see a good speed increase here

[B]v1.7.2(Thursday, 05 February 2015):[/B]
- Fixed error in adding Movie favourites - any favourites added since 1.7.0 will need to be deleted and re-added
- Removed dependency on pyxbmct to allow Frodo users to continue using

[B]v1.7.1(Tuesday, 03 February 2015):[/B]
- Corrected issue loading sources when meta data is turned off
- Fixed search function that wasn't using user entered Icefilms URL

[B]v1.7.0(Tuesday, 03 February 2015):[/B]
- Fixed MovReel resolver
- Fixed BillionUploads resolver
- Switch to use xbmcvfs to allow network file operations - downloads
- Removed need to download meta data image packs, only database file is required for meta data now
- Code optimizations
- Shrink images to reduce addon zip by 70%
- Remove images for sources, now displays movie/tvshow meta data & poster
- Correct downloads to use original file extension instead of always changing to .avi (legacy code)

[B]v1.6.0(Tuesday, 11 November 2014):[/B]
- Fixed HugeFiles resolver
- Added 360gig resolver
- Fixed 180Upload resolver to attempt captcha bypass

[B]v1.5.1(Sunday, 06 June 2014):[/B]
- Fixed error in xml

[B]v1.5.0(Saturday, 06 June 2014):[/B]
- Fixed bug on Watch & Download function
- Added Panda Planet source
- Fixed download via jDownloader
- Fixed Recently Added and Latest Releases main menu sections
- Fixed local meta pack install
- Added new Help menu option and info screen
- Added !!BETA!! Axel Downloader support - enable via Addon Settings -> Downloads menu

[B]v1.4.2(Wednesday, 11 March 2014):[/B]
- Fixed bug on small notification box, adding favourites
- Added check on resolvers with captchas for entering wrong captcha, will notify you and let you retry

[B]v1.4.1(Tuesday, 11 March 2014):[/B]
- Updated 180Upload resolver, added check for Google recaptcha
- Fixed various bugs from last code update, msg boxes, hugefiles resolver
- More code cleanup and optimizations

[B]v1.4.0(Saturday, 8 March 2014):[/B]
- Added VidPlay resolver
- Added MegaFiles resolver
- Fixed bug where new unsupported sources would cause script errors
- Lots of internal code cleanups

[B]v1.3.1(Sunday, 2 March 2014):[/B]
- Fixed HugeFiles resolver

[B]v1.3.0 (Saturday, 1 March 2014):[/B]
- Fixed BillionUploads resolvers
- Fixed TV Show download location and hopefully all tv show script errors
- Added new option to Addon Settings to set the meta data zip pack download location

[B]v1.2.1 (Monday, 30 December 2013):[/B]
- Fixed BillionUploads and HugeFiles resolvers

[B]v1.2.0 (Wednesday, 20 November 2013):[/B]
- Added search for similar movies - highlight movie and open context menu

[B]v1.1.41 (Thursday, 14 November 2013):[/B]
- Fixed EpicShare resolver
- Fixed TV Show subtitles script error
- Added quality tags to source listings

[B]v1.1.40 (Tuesday, 12 November 2013):[/B]
- Fixed BillionUploads resolver
- Removed HD/DVD/etc source subfolders
- Updated Real-Debrid support
- Fixed bug when browsing to tv shows

[B]v1.1.37 (Saturday, 02 November 2013):[/B]
- Fixed 180Uploads resolver

[B]v1.1.36 (Friday, 01 November 2013):[/B]
- Fixed BillionUploads resolver
- Fixed Movreel resolver
- Added option to hide folders in Recently Added, Popular sections
- Removed 'Homepage' option and moved sections to main listing

[B]v1.1.35 (Saturday, 07 September 2013):[/B]
- Fixed BillionUploads resolver (the-one)
- Added new check on 180Uploads resolver - alternate captcha image
- Fixed item meta data being set on player, enable trakt to properly scrobble (minipretzel)
- Minor resolver updates

[B]v1.1.34 (Saturday, 27 July 2013):[/B]
- Fixed http 403 errors by updating user agent and adding Accept

[B]v1.1.33 (Tuesday, 16 July 2013):[/B]
- Updated MegaRelease and LemUploads resolvers for captcha support

[B]v1.1.32 (Wednesday, 10 July 2013):[/B]
- Added new resolver: DoneVideo
- Updated MegaRelease and LemUploads resolvers
- Added captcha check to HugeFiles resolver
- Cleaned/Optimized a lot of code - hopefully some slight speed ups on small devices

[B]v1.1.31 (Sunday, 26 May 2013):[/B]
- Added 4 new resolvers:
- LemUploads
- MegaRelease
- EntroUpload
- HugeFiles

[B]v1.1.30 (Sunday, 12 May 2013):[/B]
- Fixed 180Upload resolver again - switched to SolveMedia captcha
- Updated EpicShare resolver with same SolveMedia solution

[B]v1.1.29 (Thursday, 09 May 2013):[/B]
- Fixed 180Upload resolver - now uses captcha
- Disabled EpicShare resolver until solution can be found
- Corrected download folders

[B]v1.1.28 (Tuesday, 09 April 2013):[/B]
- Fixed script error when adding HD items to favourites
- Added ability to enable/disable Next Aired in addon settings
- Updated VidHog resolver
- Added EpicShare resolver

[B]v1.1.27 (Tuesday, 19 February 2013):[/B]
- Fixed BillionUploads - Changed to check for captcha

[B]v1.1.26 (Sunday, 03 February 2013):[/B]
- Fixed BillionUploads - Now has captcha
- Added full support for MovReel premium accounts

[B]v1.1.25 (Friday, 18 January 2013):[/B]
- Fixed 2Shared links not getting picked up into Real-Debrid
- Optimized getting metadata for movie/tvshow lists, should speed up low power devices

[B]v1.1.24 (Tuesday, 15 January 2013):[/B]
- Moved metadata zips to new host (thanks tuxen!)

[B]v1.1.23 (Friday, 28 December 2012):[/B]
- Fixed 2Shared sources - now has strict download limits
- Fixed search function failing, reverted back to original code
- Added Movreel login support

[B]v1.1.22 (Wednesday, 12 December 2012):[/B]
- Fix for no sources again! Stopped using commoncache for mirror page source

[B]v1.1.21 (Wednesday, 12 December 2012):[/B]
- Fix for no sources problem - common cache was loading a blank entry for the 'mirror' link
- Fixed search function that was returning bad url's for results
- Fixed error in search results where an episode was returning a different naming format
- Added MovReel download limit exceeded error check

[B]v1.1.20 (Monday, 26 November 2012):[/B]
- Small update to fix errors using Frodo Beta 1 when entering TV Episodes

[B]v1.1.19 (Saturday, 17 November 2012):[/B]
- Changed regex on grabbing sec value for sources, updated to reflect site changes

[B]v1.1.18 (Wednesday, 10 October 2012):[/B]
- Fixed MovReel & GlumboUploads resolvers

[B]v1.1.17 (Monday, 17 September 2012):[/B]
- Fixed BillionUploads resolver
- Fixed Metadata downloads

[B]v1.1.16 (Tuesday, 11 August 2012):[/B]
- Fixed 180Uploads resolver

[B]v1.1.15 (Thursday, 09 August 2012):[/B]
- Fixed BillionUploads resolver (again)

[B]v1.1.14 (Thursday, 09 August 2012):[/B]
- Fixed BillionUploads resolver

[B]v1.1.13 (Wednesday, 08 August 2012):[/B]
- Fixed 180Upload resolver
- Changed to use PLAYER_CORE_AUTO instead of PLAYER_CORE_DVDPLAYER so that it picks up default player
- Fixed Recently Added, Popular, Rating, Release lists where movies were missing

[B]v1.1.12 (Wednesday, 20 June 2012):[/B]
- Fixed resolver for metadata zips

[B]v1.1.11 (Tuesday, 19 June 2012):[/B]
- Added ShareBees user login support - does not detect free user vs premium as of now
- Fixed ShareBees resolver for site changes
- Fixed JumboFile resolver
- Updated VidHog resolver to check for 'server in maintenance mode' msgs
- Disabled 'Video Seeking' option, not needed for current sources and has been causing problems

[B]v1.1.10 (Wednesday, 30 May 2012):[/B]
- Fixed small format change for meta zip files

[B]v1.1.9 (Monday, 28 May 2012):[/B]
- Fixed ShareBees resolver - again
- Fixed movie HD tags that accidently got removed on last release
- Added BillionUploads image

[B]v1.1.8 (Tuesday, 22 May 2012):[/B]
- Fixed ShareBees resolver
- Added tags for Popular, Rated, Latest, Recently Added lists
- Added *HD* tags for TV Episodes

[B]v1.1.7 (Thursday, 17 May 2012):[/B]
- Added source pics for new hosts
- Added new host - BillionUploads
- Corrected no sources showing for Colbert Report and Daily Show episodes

[B]v1.1.6 (Friday, 04 May 2012):[/B]
- Added 3 new hosts - GlumboUploads, JumboFiles, Movreel
- Removed many remaining MegaUpload references
- Updated ShareBees resolver to handle any file type
- Added check on UploadOrb resolver for links reporting 'maintenance mode'
- Added *HD* tags to Homepage categories and made all HD tags colored red

[B]v1.1.5 (Thursday, 29 March 2012):[/B]
- Corrected VidHog for site changes

[B]v1.1.4 (Wednesday, 28 March 2012):[/B]
- Added new host - ShareBees
- Corrected bug in that was introduced in previous version

[B]v1.1.3 (Tuesday, 20 March 2012):[/B]
- Added new hosts - VidHog, UploadOrb
- Spitting out error messages to users on failed sources
- Some small bug fixes here and there that came up from adding the last couple updates
- Updated as it was using deprecated os.cwd() call
- Better checking on Real-Debrid valid hosts

[B]v1.1.2 (Wednesday, 14 March 2012):[/B]
- Bug fix for users with Real-Debrid accounts getting errors on 180Upload sources

[B]v1.1.1 (Wednesday, 14 March 2012):
- Added support for 180Upload and SpeedyShare sources
- Corrected Download option where it was streaming instead of downloading
- Corrected Default Play Action - was not being used in all scenarios

[B]v1.1.0 (Friday, 02 March 2012):[/B]
- Major Release!
- Added FULL meta data for all movies & tvshows, includes many new features and information
- Ability to mark watched/unwatched, also auto-watch flagging of videos you watch
- Download & Watch functionality
- Video Seeking - useful for free accounts, allows you to fast forward & rewind while watching a video
- Silent Downloads - download a video in the background while continuing to use XBMC
- TV Show Next Aired for Favorites - view tv schedule for tv shows in your favorites folder
- Skin Auto-View - sets view modes automatically based on content type
- Stacked Parts support - Will automatically play all parts of multi-part videos
- Better search results and configurable # of results per page

v1.0.25 (Monday, 06 February 2012):
- Updated RapidShare, premium account fixed, faster api calls

v1.0.24 (Thursday, 26 January 2012):
- Added RapidShare sources support

v1.0.23 (Friday, 20 January 2012):
- Disabled (temporarily) MegaUpload login check on startup
- Disabled (temporarily) metadata install on startup

v1.0.22 (Thursday, 19 January 2012):
- Enabled 2Shared links

v1.0.21 (Monday, 2 January 2012):
- Fix for MegaUpload removing (temporarily?) wait time on free accounts

v1.0.20 (Wednesday, 21 December 2011):
- Bug fix for premium/platinum acts with direct downloads turned on

v1.0.19 (Wednesday, 21 December 2011):
- Added automatic MegaUpload wait time check for free user accounts
- Added MegaUpload Platinum user support

v1.0.18 (Monday, 05 December 2011):
- Small fix for those receiving 409 errors on Home Page categories
- Fixes for MegaUpload site changes, new login check and 60 second wait time for free user accounts

v1.0.17 (Monday, 21 November 2011):
- Home page categories fix for recent site html change
- Fix for music section throwing script error - cookie was not found
- Added forward slash '/' to list of allowed characters in download folder/file names
- Search update to allow more results (spoyser)

v1.0.16 (Wednesday, 19 October 2011):
- Quick fix to correct screwup on a-z listings

v1.0.15 (Wednesday, 19 October 2011):
- Fixed TV Show download errors - extra space in season name from previous fixed caused invalid folder names in Windows
- Fixed bad Windows folders/filenames due to invalid characters
- put try/except block on a piece of code in LOADMIRRORS that was causing a script error when sources could not be loaded
- lower cased two icons for letter m and g, they were uppercase and would not show on XBMC Live due to case sensitivity, changed code to use lower case letters

v1.0.14 (Sunday, 09 October 2011):
- correct issues with Colbert Report, Daily Show and others not showing all seasons

v1.0.13 (Saturday, 08 October 2011):
- fix for tv shows after site change

v1.0.12 (Monday, 29 August 2011):
- added new addon setting to specify url of icefilms site (wesada)

v1.0.11 (Thursday, 7 July 2011):
- update script to new movie list page

v1.0.10 (Saturday, 2 July 2011):
- add Movie Information context menu item
- more favourites fixes
- fix script error in lists containing items with missing IMDB IDs

v1.0.9 (Saturday, 2 July 2011):
- fix favourites
- fix 2shared sources

v1.0.8 (Friday, 1 July 2011):
- fix broken sources introduced by IceFilms site update
- separate folders for TV and movie favourites

v1.0.7 (Saturday, 4 June 2011):
- fix script errors introduced by IceFilms site update
- favourites fix

v1.0.6 (Tuesday, 15 March 2011):
- added source type art
- failures of phantom meta getters no longer impede streaming

v1.0.5 (Thursday, 10 March 2011):
- fixed unicode errors
- fixed weird characters
- backported new login code from videoresolvers.
this is faster, and doesn't need the mechanize module.

v1.0.4 (Friday, 4 March 2011):
- fixes for favourites handling
- possible speed-ups

v1.0.(2,3) (Thursday, 3 March 2011):
- fixed Black Swan and King's Speech error
- fixed unicode metadata error
- added download with jDownloader context menu option for sources.
(requires jDownloader xbmc plugin installed)

v1.0.1 (Wednesday, 16 February 2011):
- updated megaroutines (supports premium direct downloads)
- replaced time.sleep with xbmc.sleep for waiting times
- removed offending sqlite line (should now work unlatched on ATV2)
- player code now force sets DVD_PLAYER (good for xbox users)
- added 3 sec waiting time for premium users, might help them...
- added ndeshmukh's youtube patch (now play trailers for items with metadata)

v1.0.0 (Sunday, 13 February 2011):
- support for megaupload changes
- context menus full of functions
- library mode
- source images for megaupload and 2shared
- cool new fanart and sub-category images made by HTPC Guy
- tv show seasons directories
- new settings pane with more options
- option to download file, with nice folder hierarchy
- optimized addon code
- favourite items support
- improved search
- download limit checker
- movie metadata support, and container support
- megaup now handled by Megaroutines classes

v0.6.1 (Monday, 27 December 2010):
- updated icons and fanart
- fixed an issue whereby the icons were not being loaded
- requires a fresh install of xbmc for the changes to be visible.

v0.6.0 (Monday, 27 December 2010):
- reCaptcha passthrough (enables more tv shows)
- browse by genre for all categories
- HD720p category for Movies
- mirror pages are now only scraped once per view
- mechanize is now a separate addon
- flatten megaupload enabled by default

v0.5.(1,2,3) (Thursday, 23 December 2010):
- fixed error on first login with no account
- fixed some bugs related to login notifications
- tidied the login code

v0.5.0 (Thursday, 23 December 2010):
- search function won't return error if it cant find search
- support for megaupload free (tested) and premium (untested)
- notifications for logins
- art is now loaded from disk, not scraped from photobucket
- cookies, cookies, cookies

v0.4.0 (Monday, 20 December 2010):
- added search function
- added Homepage category (and option to disable)
- removed flatten A-Z directories (avoid overloading icefilms)

v0.3.1 (Sunday, 19 December 2010):
- fanart included
- now hosted on this svn repository, for easy updates
- renamed to to avoid XBMC Live issues

v0.3 (Thursday, 17 December 2010):
- added settings panel and options to flatten certain menus
- added pictures for main categories

v0.2 (December 2010):
- mirrors now sorted by type, source and part
- added categories Popular, Latest Releases etc.
- whether a film is HD or not is now visible

v0.1 (November 2010) :
- initial release

Installing Kodi Addons

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Kodi addons have nothing to do with the distribution of content. All they do is give the user the ability to access content that is already posted online. The content scraped by these Kodi addons comes straight from whichever online streaming sources that the developer of the particular Kodi addon has selected. Kodi addons will break from time to time, usually because the source they are scraping have changed something on their web site.