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Author: Bstrdsmkr, tuxen, tknorris
Version: 2.5.72
Updated: 2017-05-26
Summary: Browse 1channel.ch
Host: offshoregit.com
Repository: tknorris Release Repository

Kodi Addon Description:

Play a wide selection of movies and TV shows from PrimeWire.ag. ***This addon is supported at www.tvaddons.ag, NOT xbmc.org. ***

Kodi Addon Dependencies:


Kodi Addon Changelog:

[B]Version 2.5.72[/B]
Sigh. Cat & Mouse begins. :(

[B]Version 2.5.71[/B]
Strip scheme is present on base_url

[B]Version 2.5.70[/B]
- Fix URL decode for website change
- Require login for all profile base lists
- Krypton Changes
- Remove upgrade pop-up (freezes Krypton)
- Remove help menu pop-up (doesn't work on Krypton)
- Add support for https for the pw_scraper
- Fix My Schedule for Krypton
- Fix dialogs for Krypton

[B]Version 2.5.69[/B]
- Add debrid indicators

[B]Version 2.5.68[/B]
- Minor Code Fixes

[B]Version 2.5.67[/B]
- Fix library playback
- Fix translated string

[B]Version 2.5.66[/B]
- Migrate addon to use po files
- Move all strings to strings.po in preparation for translation
- Code cleanup

[B]Version 2.5.65[/B]
- Add notification on failed streams
- Fix proxy captchas

[B]Version 2.5.64[/B]
- Various bug fixes when metadata is off

[B]Version 2.5.63[/B]
- Add Firestorm Theme

[B]Version 2.5.62[/B]
- Fix urls that start with //
- Set playlists to default view
- Fix playlist images

[B]Version 2.5.61[/B]
- Fix url update to work on all versions of sqlite

[B]Version 2.5.59[/B]
- Add new filter for promo hosts
- Fix new PW urls to match old ones
- Improve host header parsing

[B]Version 2.5.58[/B]
- Added PW Schedule to TV Section
- Removed PREPARE_ZIP from metahandlers
- Allow more chars into filename

[B]Version 2.5.57[/B]
- Fix User Agent string
- Make season.contents a blob
- Fix set default view

[B]Version 2.5.56[/B]
- Fix login for pw site changes
- Fix utf-8 in pages with mysql

[B]Version 2.5.55[/B]
- Fix browse by genre defaulting to alphabetic
- add dialog background to project
- Add better algorithm to get DBID (thanks jhavens)
- Fix script error on empty searches
- Make empty searches cancel search
- Update code for season page change
- Add optional axel downloader import
- Improve unicode conversions for PW site to avoid occasional errors

[B]Version 2.5.2[/B]
Added PW playlists functionality:
- ***Note: Personal playlists are only available when Website Integration is turned on***
- Browse public & personal playlists
- Play media from public & personal playlists
- Add and Remove items from personal playlists
- Specify a personal PW playlist as the source for subscriptions
Rewrote subscription days function to be more usable and actually provide a meaningful function (i.e. the days of the week a subscription should be run on)
Add a performance option to allow users to selectively paginate most result sets.
Added ability to export and import the onechannel db to and from a csv file.
Added function to schedule a db export to serve as a scheduled onechannel DB backup
Rewrote the DB upgrade code such that db's on each addon version should be more consistent.
Added function to browse and set PW's watched list
Added function to browse and set PW's ToWatch list
Added option for the ToWatch list to serve as a movie subscription list (i.e. added to the user's library)
Added a context menu option on playable items to manually select a source when auto-play is turned on.
Added [COLOR red]EXPERIMENTAL[/COLOR] support for Axel Download Accelerator.
Moved themes to separate addon to reduce size of main addon (was 4.3MB; now 600K)

Added ability to add most menu items to XBMC's favorites.
More code unification/refactors to make the addon easier to maintain.
Unified startup and scheduled task function to allow code sharing between all scheduled tasks
Allow user to specify their first day of the week for schedule days presentation
Dynamically pull genres from PW site (at most once every 24 hours)
Replaced query parsing and massive if/elif statement with generic plugin url dispatcher
Fixed PlayTrailer if trailer is using YouTube
Add settings function to delete & recreate DB to make it easier for some people

[B]Version 2.4.2[/B]
Fixed problem with website favorites hanging XBMC when not logged in
Worked around infinite redirect problem when logging into site

[B]Version 2.4.1[/B]
Added retry on http requests to recover more gracefully from transient server errors (e.g. HTTP Error 503)

[B]Version 2.4.0[/B]
Replaced resume code with code that works better and more consistently.
Unified all website code in a single class for better maintainability
Unified all DB code into a single class for better maintainability
Added skin integration to allow skins to show 1CH movie categories on the home screen
Replaced multiple advanced search keyboards with one search dialog with error checking
Add function to add all local or web favorites to library with one click
Add subscription update on start up option
Reorganized settings dialog to be more logically grouped
Add performance options including cached directory listings and unfiltered source dirs/dialogs
Compressed the pngs in all the themes to reduce the size of the addon by over 50%.

Fixed movies not playing from certain results sets (i.e. the ".." bug)
Make source list only process once using auto-play
Fixed occasional bug where video totalTime = 0
Several fixes to uploading favorites to website
Fixed "unplayable" error on update subscriptions
Fixed genre and a-z icons not showing up
Fixed website favorites to paginate to support lists larger than 40.

[B]Version 2.3.0[/B]
- Corrected bug in SQLite bookmarks table, improper index was being created
- Fix duplicate bookmarks/resumes
- Fix for native bookmarks/resumes
- Fixed autoplay stopping when a link fails

[B]Version 2.2.0[/B]
- Code cleanup
- Clean up source sorting
- Fix trailers
- Mark library items as watched (jded76 and lambda)
- Use library meta when playing from a stream
- Update resume dialog
- Fix MySQL connection arguments
- Changed MySQL column url_cache.response to a MEDIUMBLOB to handle larger pages
- Switched from t0mm0.common to addon.common

[B]Version 2.1.1[/B]
- Bump python version to 2.1.0 for Gotham support - No longer works on Eden
- Various small bug fixes

[B]Version 2.1.0[/B]
- New version courtesy Highway99 and XBMCHUB.com
- Highway99 is credited with all the fixes below:
- | try: xbmcvfs.mkdirs #Frodo/Gotham/Python(v2.1.0) | except: os.path.mkdir #Eden |
- Custom Domain Enable and Text Box Field in Addon Settings.
- \waldo\indexes\1Channel_index.py (waldo) | \waldo\providers\1Channel_provider.py

## Domain(s) Handling.
- Moved Misc. Tab in Addon Settings to the be the first tab, so that it would be easier for those on devices with a harder time scrolling sideways.
- Removed Orange Chat-Bubble graphics in PrimeWire theme to save filesize space due to Github FileSize Limitations.
- Added "|http://primewireproxy.co.uk|http://1channel.occupyuk.co.uk" to domain setting in settings.xml.
- Error handling on Play Trailer url(s). ~line 2385: UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\u200e' in position 11
- Monday through Sunday (and ALL) Sub-Menu Listings for Subscriptions.
- "Subscription Day" ContextMenuItem to update the day to the current day of the week.
- "Remove Day" ContextMenuItem to remove the day from a subscription.
- ALL is displayed in all Subscription menus, while Monday through Sunday are displayed only if Monday through Sunday are not chosen.
- Addon-Settings's Label Formatting area now includes Subscription Day and Brackets editable coding, so you can configure it as you like.
- Fix to add_subscription
- title to name-only in contextmenuitems
- "else: sorting = []" added to get_sources() function to solve a rare bug. Thanks goes out to crzen for pointing this one out.
- Additional Function: filename_filter_out_year, Filtering of name-only without color and bold coding.
- ContextMenuItems: SolarMovie.so (Search & Find AirDates)
- PrimeWire Name-changes in "some" locations.
- Temp-Fix for Handling the Additional Function when upgrading the database from an older version. I'd like to find a better method if someone knows SQL well enough.
- Day-of-The-Week value added to Subscriptions table and list menu.
- Things should run smoother with less errors due to unhandled text when logging data to xbmc.log.

- Changes to default.py
### error handling on imports for metahandlers & metacontainers
### EXTREME error handling on Log commands
### error handling on TextBox command for Help Window in 2 locations
### Addition of PrimeWire Theme
### Additional Modes and Functions for Search Methods: GetSearchQueryTag, GetSearchQueryAdvanced, GetSearchQueryDesc
### Additional Functions for Search Methods: SearchAdvanced, SearchDesc
### A temp-fix for the Lag issue thats been noticed of late with the if-handled check of host's on long lists of hosts.

- Changes to service.py
### Log command error handling
### PrimeWire name changed in Log commands
### "'1Ch." text left alone
### "onechannelcache.db" filename left alone

- Changes to utils.py
### for PrimeWire name
### Log command error handling

- Changes to 1Channel_provider.py
### for PrimeWire name
### Log command error handling
### "'1Ch'" text left alone

- Changes to 1Channel_index.py
### for error handling on Log commands.
### for PrimeWire.ag
- PrimeWire Graphics and Custom Theme

- Changes to settings.xml
### PrimeWire Theme
### Default Domain: http://www.primewire.ag

[B]Version 2.0.2[/B]

[B]Version 1.0.0[/B]
- Fixed problems deleting favorites
- Fixed Error in listing search results
- Fixed error when saving long decimal values for playback resume
- Subscriptions now only write to files if they don't already exist
- Selecting items in subscriptions view now redirects to their season lists (instead of doing nothing)
- Metadata now correctly populated in subscriptions view
- Playback no longer creates a playlist, just plays the resolved source directly
- Minor internal code clean up

[B]Version 0.1.6[/B] (Not released)
- Added option to disable Fanart
- Added option to use banners for TV shows
- Made falling back to posters optional if no banner is found
- Merged mr_blobby's changes to set info_labels for subtitles plugin
- Merged ZPAnderson's changes to add auto-watched support
- Added selectable themes
- Converted mikey1234's graphics to theme
- Added Glossy_Black theme by union1mc
- Fixed Season level not showing fanart
- If we fail to find episode information, fall back to the website label
- Show season/episode numbers in episode view and playback
- Updated internal code to use t0mm0.common libraries
- Implemented watched/unwatched support
- Added 'Add to Library' option
- Added subscribe option for TV shows
- B1 - Implemented bookmarking and resuming
- B1 - Fixed path validation
- B2 - Proper unicode support
- B2 - Next Page now looks for theme icon and uses theme fanart
- B2 - Movies now create individual folders when added to library
- B3 - Fixed bookmarked resume asking twice
- B3 - Implemented source sorting
- B3 - Fixed bad default value in theme setting
- B3 - Sources now show in list instead of dialog
- B3 - Verified sources now highlight in yellow
- B3 - Implemented auto-play
- B4 - Implemented page skipping in Next Page context menu
- B4 - Added temporary workaround for conflict between t0mm0.common and metahandlers
- B4 - Implemented 8hr url cache
- B4 - Added option to install locally downloaded metapack
- B4 - Auto-play now tries the next source on error
- B4 - Playback now raises an error when XBMC silently fails to start playback
- B5 - Implemented customized labeling
- B5 - Fixed search function caching keys
- B6 - Moved Subscriptions menu to inside TV Shows menu
- B7 - Merge Prono's patch to fix bookmark resuming
- B7 - Merge Prono's patch to wait for subscriptions to finish updating before updating library
- B7 - Unified metadata handling
- B7 - Only mark TV Shows as watched if both season and episode are set
- B7 - Fixed issues with metadata being turned off
- B7 - Added option to execute SQL from search
- B7 - Added support for remote MySQL databases
- B7 - Made library update after subscription run optional

[B]Version 0.1.5[/B]
- Fixed year missing from search results
- Added option to delete favorites
- Implemented Metadata
- Updates to ensure compatability with latest libraries
- Reverted Genre browsing from A-Z to page by page
- Order favorites alphabetically
- Added context menu option to play movie trailer if available
- Fixed issue with sources showing as "UNKNOWN" quality
- Added fanart and icons by mikey1234
- Added support for multi-part sources
- Remember last search
- Made log message from resolver exceptions slightly more useful
- RC1 - Fixed issue with last_search not being set on first run
- RC1 - Fixed script error on startup due to meta path not being translated during make_dirs()
- RC1 - Viewing sources for a movie or seasons for a tv show now updates metadata if it wasn't found when searching by title
- RC1 - Upgrade favorites db if necessary
- RC2 - Fix stupid mistake in save favorites code
- RC2 - Merged Rogerthis' autoview pull request
- RC3 - Fix image not being passed in when playing movie (caused script error during playback)
- RC3 - Movie results were still passing year as part of title during meta lookup
- RC3 - Fixed problem with db upgrade code
- RC3 - Fixed adding favorites multiple times created multiple entries
- RC3 - Added Notification when saving favorites
- RC3 - Fix sources lost by implementing multi-part...
- RC3 - Fix script error when canceling sources dialog
- RC3 - Fix title display during playback (was all lower case)

[B]Version 0.1.4[/B]
- Fixed issue with weird encoding causing script errors
- Implemented Favorites list

[B]Version 0.1.3[/B]
- Sources dialog now drops any sources that URLReslover can't resolve
- Added year to browse listings
- Added quality to sources dialog
- Added access to URL Resolver settings
- Added option to browse by featured
- Implemented pagination for all browsing modes

[B]Version 0.1.2[/B]
- Added icon created by mikey1234 (Thanks!)
- Genres can now be narrowed by A-Z
- Content types set to enable different views
- Processing dialogs now reflect results returned (respecting max results setting) instead of all results
- Added more logging entries
- Results now display alphabetically (again)
- Removed dependency on script.common.plugin.cache to (hopefully) fix atv2/ipad issues

[B]Version 0.1.1[/B]
- Added search function
- Fixed Number/Symbol option in A-Z menu
- Added script.common.plugin.cache dependency

[B]Version 0.1.0[/B]
- Initial version
- Re-write and update of t0mm0's letmewatchthis.ch plugin

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