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There are virtually endless possibilities for enhancing your Kodi experience with Kodi Addons. It all comes down to personal preference, what content you wish to watch. Kodi Addons are developed to interface with thousands of the most popular online streaming web sites, so anything you are looking for is usually possible through the use of Kodi Addons. We hope you enjoy your Kodi Addons experience!

Some of the Kodi Addons you’ll find are brand new, and some have been in development for quite some time. You’ll be able to watch a wide array of content through Kodi Addons, ranging from movies and television shows to live channels, sports, international streams in different languages, internet radio and more. We’d highly recommend browsing through our site to read more about Kodi and Kodi Addons in order to benefit fhe most from your experience.

Kodi Addons are developed for many different purposes, with over 1100 available and counting. Certain Kodi Addons are designed to access one single content source, while others scrape hundreds of streaming websites at a time. As the Kodi Addon community gets bigger, more developers have been getting involved, meaning everything is becoming more and more advanced. At this rate, Kodi Addons will be available for virtually any content source in the near future.

Kodi Addons work no matter where you’re located in the world. There are Kodi Addons developed in almost any language, and even the English language ones offer quite the library of subtitles, so no matter where you’re from, Kodi Addons make you feel right at home. They say that once you’ve experienced Kodi with Kodi Addons, you’ll never want to watch conventional cable or satellite television again, and Kodi also certainly offers a whole lot more to watch than Netflix, iTunes or Amazon Prime Video.

It doesn’t matter what platform you’re using, as long as you’re on the latest stable version of Kodi it will be the same user interface. Whether you’re on Mac, Windows, Android, iOS, Apple TV, NVIDIA Shield TV, MINIX, MyGica, or even Wetek, the Kodi experience is the same, with Kodi Addons offering you everything you could possibly dream of watching, anytime you wish.

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Once you’ve installed Kodi, you’ll then need to configure our Fusion Installer onto your system, at which point you’ll be able to either automatically configure Kodi with all the most popular Kodi Addons using our Config Wizard tool, or manually select and install specific Kodi Addons using our Addon Installer tool. Please note that unofficial Kodi Addons are indepdently developed and do not necessarily reflect the intended official use of Kodi.

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