Download Unofficial Kodi Addons for Kodi

Once you’ve installed Kodi, you’ll need to enable third party Kodi addons in order to gain access to all that endless content you wish to watch. There are a few different ways to install unofficial Kodi addons to your setup, but first you’ll need to configure the Fusion Installer server onto your device. Once that’s done, go ahead and use the Config Wizard (best) or the Addon Installer tool to get all the goodies.

Kodi is essentially a media player, somewhat like Windows Media Player, it’s only meant to be used to play your own media file. It is due to the open source nature of Kodi that we are able to employ unofficial Kodi Addons to interface with online streaming sites, displaying complex streaming web sites in the simplistic form of video-on-demand style menus.

Before Anything

Fusion Installer

Easiest Method

Config Wizard

Configure Manually

Addon Installer

International Addons

Automatically configure your Kodi addons setup with the Config Wizard, it will install all the best add-ons for Kodi and perform dozens of customizations to leave you with your ideal Kodi addons experience, or manually install Kodi addons using the Addon Installer tool.