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    Quote Originally Posted by henry View Post
    Use Real-Debrid and have been very happy with it until recently when it stopped working on 17.1
    RD working here on 17.1. Possibly something is wrong with your setup.

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    I'm not sure if your response was for jonzen, or me (George Wolfe). If it was for me I do not think Real-Debrid is a VPN. I want it to better play/stream sites such as Phoenix.
    Thank you all for you responses to my questions! I appreciate it greatly!

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    I use the Real-Debrid for KODI only. The "white box" issue came up from Real-Debrid. Apparently, they confused KODI with a torrent (or something). I used the information that FXB78 (above) sent and things seems to be OK. The only problem I see is that the "debrided" links should appear in green, at least on Phoenix. I'm not sure if that is a problem or not though. We watched several movies yesterday and they run great!

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    This worked fine. The only issue I find now is that I have no links in green. I'm not sure if this really is an issue though, as the movies we watched yesterday all ran great.

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    I have just signed up. Seems Great foe playing films BUT I do not seem able, via Exodus, to download them in the normal manner.
    Am I missing something (i.e. left click, download on a RealDebrid source.
    Thank You

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    Sorry, but I do not see where I confused anything with a vpn. I have been using pia vpn for many yrs and have had real debrid for 2 yrs now. And yes when you dl torrents thru real debrid website it does mask your ip from the trolls watching public trackers. alluc I clearly stated as a link search for use with the debrid site.

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    T26, there is a part of exodus settings named accounts. You have to activate your debrid account there in exodus to use it. In settings you also need to turn on downloads. And the download switch is backwards from SALTS. After you have the sources listed you right click and chose download.
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    Kevin, If you are using 17.1 on a linux computer you need to google and get a previous version of a dependency named requests, version 2.9.1 works, anything newer messes up python calls and kills derbrid links. I don't know if this problem exists on windows, it is fine on libreelec.

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    i use furk from kinkins repo but were is the repo and kinkins
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