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    If you are dealing with a firestick, I can make a suggestion. This comes from my frustration after trying many different things, and the answer seemed to be looking me in the face but I was making more of it than I needed to.

    Background...was running 16.1 on 3 firesticks, 1 fire tv in my home, and have setup a bunch for family and friends over the last couple of yrs. I created my own "17.1 Build" (so to speak) on one firestick over a few days. Used that build to make a backup using adblink. So in a desktop folder I have the 17.1 apk and the 17.1 backup and the icon for adblink (doesn't have to be like this, it just helps my old mind). I used adblink and that folder to setup each of the sticks in my house.

    This is where I kept running into problems, but this is now how I do it and have setup 6 devices this way with no problem.

    I'm not going to go step by step, but will tell give you the bones....

    To begin......On the firestick in the manage apps section......go to Kodi, clear cache, clear data, uninstall kodi 16.1. Use Clean Master, reboot firestick. I do this because if I don't I was finding that something seemed to be left behind somewhere and I would get unworking/wonky addons.

    Using adblink, I then load up 17.1 on the target firestick. Once I started doing this next bit is when I no longer encountered problems with using my backup to populate other firesticks. Go into the room where the firestick you loaded is located. Open up Kodi 17.1, it will be an empty Kodi. Go to the Media Settings, change "Settings Level" to Advanced or Expert. Now in the same screen, go to General and allow "Show Hidden Files and Directories". Now go to System Settings, then Addons and allow "Unknown Sources". Now close Kodi the normal way without forcing it to close.

    Run Clean Master, reboot stick.

    Using adblink, I load up the backup I created.

    Run Clean Master, reboot stick. Done and I have a working 17.1 stick.

    All I did was to prepare the firestick and the empty kodi load to accept addons, the same way I would do it if I was going to manually setup each stick individually. I also keep cleaning the stick and rebooting between steps until I'm done and all is working. Maybe I do it more than needed, I don't know, what I do know is it has worked for me.

    I'm not saying this is the only way, or this will solve everyone's problem, all I can say is it solved MY problems with setting up 17.1 on multiple sticks and now it's only a 15 minute process.

    Good Luck folks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lordbeazly View Post
    I tried the backup tool and I just get a error check log into I have also tried the usb sdcard wizard and it also errors out
    u have to set up back up location 1st

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