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    I submitted this information yesterday, but the post appears to have gone into the aether, so here it is again.

    Couple more fixes for Exodus New Episodes/Progress as follows:

    1. Trakt sometimes returns the list of watched episodes out of order and exodus only looks at the number of last episode in the list to decide whether or not there are new shows to watch, regardless if that's the highest number or not.

    This code will sort the list of episodes before grabbing the highest number.

    Filename - Line 791
                    episode = str(item['seasons'][-1]['episodes'][-1]['number'])
                    episodeitems = [x for x in item['seasons'][-1]['episodes'] if 'number' in x]
                    episodeitems = sorted(episodeitems, key=lambda x:x['number'])
                    episode = str(episodeitems[-1]['number'])
    2. Exodus counts the number of watched episodes, and compares the result against "aired_episodes" from tvdb. If watched is greater than aired, nothing is shown as available, even if there are new unwatched episodes. This can happen if you have marked specials as watched in Trakt, as they are frequently not counted in "aired_episodes".

    Filename - Line 784
                    for i in range(0, len(item['seasons'])): num_1 += len(item['seasons'][i]['episodes'])
                    for i in range(0, len(item['seasons'])): 
                        if item['seasons'][i]['number'] > 0: num_1 += len(item['seasons'][i]['episodes'])

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    Nice work Stoofer hopefully whoever takes over Exodus will implement the fixes for us folks not savvy with code.
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    Hello guys, not sure if this is the right place for "search" suggestions, but may I suggest that the search function becoimes a bit more heuristic, like other search engines? For example if you type "bandi" it should come up with any films that have "bandi" in the name, with preference where "bandi" is the first word, followed by any films that have derivatives with "bandi" like "bandits" or "bandidas"?

    So that one only needs to type in a few letters of a movie and will most likely get it because there aren't that many movies in the world anyway.

    Also a list of recently viewed and recently searched for would be great.

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    The search is 1:1 from So blame trakt for there Search ^^

    And the Person-seach is based on IMDB:
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    You will probably be better off requesting changes to Exodus in this Thread.....

    Exodus - Feature Requests

    .....not sure if the rules laid down in Posting #1 of that still apply or not but this is a Thread I started to document some small fixes to Exodus that I made on my own to expand and enhance some of it's Search capabilities. It's not official in any way, the fixes are just small hacks and unlikely to make it into any future releases in the manner described.

    BTW there are an estimated 500,000 "feature" films in the world. Exodus (and other add-ons) give a skewed idea of what is available because they base their results on the popularity of any given title i.e. if it falls below a certain criteria it just won't list it.

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