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    Surround Sound Not Working

    I use a Windows 8.1 desktop linked to a fully digital AV system via HDMI but only the front speakers work.

    In Kodi/Settings/Systems/Audio/Audio Decoder, the number of channels is set to 5.1. Audio Passthrough is enabled as well as AC3 & DTS capable receiver. My Sony AV system (DTS HD, Dolby True HD, etc.) shows in Passthrough output device. When I play the same content through my Xbox/Sony AV not using Kodi, it works perfectly every time.

    I've Googled and combed through Kodi Wikis and Forums but can't find a fix. I can't really enjoy Kodi until I get this fixed and would greatly appreciate any assistance.

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    What is your Kodi Box running on? If it is Android that could be the issue. You might want to look into LibreELEC which supports Kodi fully. Also be sure to check the Audio settings in Android proper!

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    It sounds counter intuitive but set the number of channels to two and see if that helps.

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    You can't use both "Sync Playback to Display" and "Audio Passthrough". Check you have "Sync Playback to Display" disabled in the settings


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