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Dropbox Support Added to the TVA Log Uploader for Kodi


We’ve finally added Dropbox support to the TVA Log Uploader tool. This means that you can now upload your logs without necessarily having them posted to a public site. This should please those our our users who are privacy conscious, but still want an easy way to upload error logs for troubleshooting purposes. It should also make keeping track of your logs a bit easier than just having random files all over the place.

This is the first log uploader for Kodi that features Dropbox support, so we’re quite proud of that. It’s something that the community has asked for over and over. It wasn’t easy getting this to work, but it should definitely prove very useful, especially for those of you who don’t want their logs posted to a public pastebin type site.

Required: TVA Log Uploader on Kodi

Step 1: Click on the Add-ons tab on the vertical menu bar.

Step 2: Select the Program add-ons category.

Step 3: Launch the TVA Log Uploader for the first time.

If you’ve already used the TVA Log Uploader before, you’ll need to toggle the context menu at this point, and then choose the Add-on settings option.

Step 4: Click on the Enable TVAddons.ag function to disable it.

Step 5: Click on the OK button.

Step 6: Press the Yes button when prompted to confirm that you wish to upload your logs.

Step 7: Follow the on-screen instructions and visit the link in your web browser in order to authorize the addon to upload to your Dropbox account.

Step 8: You’re done! Press the OK button and then check your Dropbox for the uploaded log file, it should be under the App folder.

We hope that everyone enjoys this new feature very much, and we’d also like to once again thank tknorris for his hard work on this and other important community tools.

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