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Free Download of the Kodi Media Center for Windows (17.2 Krypton)


It should only take about a minute to download and install Kodi to your Windows computer. Kodi works great on any Windows computer and the interface is virtually identical to that of other platforms. Kodi for Windows is a great way to access Kodi from anywhere, without needing any specific hardware, other than the Windows computer itself.

Kodi for Windows is extremely simple to install, just as easy as it would be to install any standard Windows application. Once you’ve downloaded Kodi for Windows, you can watch through your computer screen, or depending on your computer, possibly connect it to your television for a more home theater type experience.

Required: Windows Computer

Current Version: 17.2 Krypton

Download Kodi for Windows

Step 1: Launch the kodi-17.2-Krypton.exe file you just downloaded and follow the default installation process.

Step 2: Once complete, click on the Finish button and launch Kodi for the first time!

Once you’ve installed Kodi for Windows, the best thing to do next would be to add our Fusion Installer source, then install our Indigo tool which will help you to configure your Kodi addon setup.

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