Bitcoin Donations for TV ADDONS

Bitcoin is a digital currency that operates through a sort of peer to peer network, controlled by the users, for the users. It’s entirely decentralized, meaning it does not rely on the conventional banking system, and supports the possibility of maintaining anonymity if done right. Bitcoin is an open source payment system that is not controlled by one specific entity, but by those who use it.

Bitcoin can be purchased through exchange services that work similar to the way currency exchange services function. It’s price is relatively stable at the current time, and you can choose to purchase complete Bitcoins or simply fractions of Bitcoins. There are many different exchange services that sell Bitcoins, and many different wallets that can be used to store Bitcoins. Find out more about Bitcoins at the Bitcoin Foundation‘s web site.


Bitcoin Donations

If you’d like to make a donation to us through Bitcoin, you can simply purchase the amount you wish through an exchange service, and have it deposited directly into our wallet. Please find our wallet address, along with links to several popular exchange services below.

Our Bitcoin Address


Buying Bitcoins

There is no right or wrong way to buy Bitcoins, it’s simply a matter of convenience or personal preference. We’ve gone ahead and listed what we believe to be the easiest methods of purchasing Bitcoins. If you’d like to learn more about buying Bitcoins, please read the article at CoinDesk. Depending on where you’re located, or your desired method of funding, certain services may work better for you than others, if one doesn’t work just try another.

Instantly by Credit/Debit Card


Credit/Debit Card or Bank Deposit






Other Exchanges

Locally with Cash


Congratulations! Hopefully by now you’ve managed to buy your first Bitcoins and have already made a donation to us, ensuring that our servers will continue to be paid and upgraded as necessary. We’re also going to use donations to sponsor community developed software and tools such as TVMC. Thank you very much in advance for your continuous support of our community, we’d be nothing without people like you.