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Installing the BBC iPlayer Addon for Kodi (16.1 Jarvis or Below)


BBC iPlayer is a very popular streaming site that allows people within the United Kingdom to live stream BBC television channels, as well as catch up on TV shows they may have missed. This addon is powered by the actual BBC iPlayer service and offers a huge selection of content to choose from.

Since the BBC iPlayer addon is available through the official Kodi addon repository, you’ll find that it’s a lot easier to install than other third party addons for Kodi. Unfortunately however, this addon will only work within the United Kingdom, although this can be circumvented through the use of of a VPN service.

Required: Kodi 16.1 Jarvis or Below

Step 1: Navigate to the Add-ons tab under the VIDEOS menu.

Step 2: Click on the Get more… function at the bottom of the listing.

Step 3: Select the iPlayer WWW addon for Kodi.

Step 4: Click on the Install button.

Step 5: You’re done! Just return to the Video Add-ons menu and enjoy!

This should be of interest to many of our users located in the United Kingdom, BBC iPlayer for Kodi offers a great selection of high quality content.

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