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Keymap for Kodi on the Apple TV (16.1 Jarvis or Below)


If you’re using an Apple TV, you might have noticed that by default the remote control doesn’t offer much functionality within Kodi. When it is initially installed, there isn’t much you can do with your Apple TV remote control, beyond the basic Kodi functionality.

It will only take about a minute to set the custom Apple TV keymap to your Kodi device. Once the controller keymap is installed, you’ll find your Apple TV remote feels a lot more natural within Kodi.

Required: Indigo Tool on Kodi 16.1 Jarvis or Below

Step 1: Navigate to the PROGRAMS menu.

Step 2: Launch the Indigo tool.

Step 3: Select the Maintenance Tools menu.

Step 4: Click on the Install Custom Keymaps function.

Step 5: Select the Apple TV option.

Step 6: Wait a few seconds for the Apple TV keymap file to download.

Step 7: Click on the OK button once the keymap has been installed.

Step 8: You’re done! Return to your Kodi home screen and enjoy!

Hopefully this will make Kodi seem that much more natural and intuitive on your Apple TV device. Don’t forget that if for some reason you don’t like the way the new Apple TV keymap works, you can uninstall it by reversing the process above.

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